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Hello and thank you for visitng my pledge page.
Beginning October 1st, I will be renting a sound isolated room in Saint Louis, MO for the duration of two to four weeks with the sole intention of recording my first studio album. I have been attempting to create this album for the past five years of my life, and due to both my own shortcomings and life's own interesting timing of events, I have not been wholly respectful of what I know to be deeply important to me. I am very glad to say that since my recent twenty-ninth birthday, I have sincerely peered into myself, asked myself what I need to do to reach my goals, and shifted my circumstances to allow a serious commitment to my vision.
In an effort to cover costs associated with this endeavor, I am conducting a fundraising campaign and seeking the support of my family, friends and extended network. My fundraising goal is $5000.00 by Sept 30, 2016. This amount will help cover studio time, cost of video production, a small public relations campaign, and incidentals. To date, I have raised $2,500; leaving a remaining balance of $2,500.
Listed below you will find the different levels of sponsorship along with the incentives that come with each level.
Bronze Level - $25 - I will send you a digital download of my album the moment it is ready. I will have a download card/store set up by this time, giving you instant download access to my album through iTunes or Amazon or Google Play etc.
Silver Level $50 - I will mail you a hand signed, physical version of my album once they have been delivered to me. You will also receive a digital download option if you would like it.
Gold Level - $75 - I will mail you a USB thumb drive containing my album, behind the scenes notes, photos, demos videos and whatever else I feel would be interesting to add, further allowing you into the details of my process. I will also include a signed personalized thank you card, and finally you will also receive a digital download option if you would like it
$Platinum Level - $100 - You will receive everything stated above.
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For more information on my endeavors over the last few years visit:
Contributions can be made directly or electronically via PayPal at:
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For additional questions/concerns, please contact me directly at 314-601-1777.
Your continued support and encouragement is greatly appreciated!